An Outer Banks Restaurant Association Gift Certificate is a great way to show your appreciation to someone.  Whether it is for a birthday, or holiday, or just a thank you for a job well done, if you know someone that frequents the Outer Banks area, rest assured you will be giving them a gift they will really appreciate and use!

Go to the current Restaurant Members List to see which Outer Banks Restaurants will currently accept these as valid form of payment. If a restaurant is not on this list, they are not a member of should tell them they should join!

These certificates provide the recipient the benefit of being able to use them at a multitude of Outer Banks restaurants. With over 50 OBRA member restaurants, giving one of our gift certificates allows the bearer the flexibility to enjoy the restaurant of their choice, without being locked in to some place they may not wish to go.

Just check the current OBRA Restaurant Member list (we renew memberships each year in October so accepting restaurants may change slightly) to be sure that where they choose to dine is a Member Restaurant that will be versed and familiar with these certificates as a valid form of payment. (Don't worry, we have these instructions printed on the back of every certificate for easy reference at the time of redemption.)

Each OBRA Restaurant Gift Certificate comes in increments of $25.00.  You may buy as many as you like, and the bearer may redeem as many as they like at one time, at any of our current OBRA member restaurants within one year of purchase.


OBRA gift certificates are redeemable at CURRENT (at time of use) RESTAURANT MEMBERS (but not Associate Member businesses).

If the redeemer does not use the entire $25 amount, the balance DOES NOT CARRY OVER in any way. They of course can exceed and pay the difference directly to the establishment.

OBRA Gift certificates EXPIRE ONE YEAR from date of issue (strictly). Please do not present expired certificates to a restaurant and expect them to be honored.

We do not/cannot issue these gift certificates electronically. They currently only come the old-fashioned way, on paper, in an envelope, through USPS mail.  If you are short on time to get these to your recipient, see ** below.

We normally mail the certificates directly to you (the purchaser) so you may give them away at your discretion. We will gladly mail them directly to your recipient with a note of explanation and recognition of you as the giver. Simply indicate their name and address on the order form when you complete your purchase. If you need this to happen within a certain time frame, see ** below for instructions.

These gift certificates CANNOT be used to order Taste of the Beach individual event tickets, because we have no current way of monitoring the authenticity without having them in hand. We are working on an online solution to gifting Taste of the Beach gifts/monies to your chosen recipients, but not just yet.

**VERY IMPORTANT:  If you need your order for gift certificates filled by a certain date or have any other concerns regarding timeliness of fulfillment that you need to communicate to us, please email and make Quinn aware of your needs. Otherwise most orders are filled within a week to 10 days. During busy project times, orders WILL take longer to fulfill. A good rule of thumb is if you need them in less than 2 weeks, email Quinn so she is aware that you have ordered and can fulfill them more quickly for you if at all possible. 


Gift Certificates $25 each